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Yam is yam, gorgon fruit and the seed of Job’s tears are the food of action of very good health care of preserve one’s health, also be a kind of more commonly used Chinese traditional medicine at the same time, proper at ordinary times drink boiling water of the seed of Job’s tears of Gorgon fruit of a few yam, have the effect of health care of very good preserve one’s health, go again wet precaution disease, stimulative intestines and stomach is digested1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The effect of the respect is very good, still have the certain effect that combats oxidation additionally, have the certain effect that prevents cancer to fight cancer.

Encyclopedia of practice of rice water of yam Ci Shiyi

1, practice of former juice raw ingredient- – straightSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Receive boil

Rice of hill pill, Yi benevolence and Gorgon fruit boil congee directly, the biggest advantage of this kind of practice is the simplest, defect is not very delicious, because boil,come out rice is rice, shang Shishang, not ropy, and the pill that conceive hill became ripe it is fragile, chew in with the seed of Job’s tears, Gorgon fruit together, a kind of inarticulate feels, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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A few kinds of things that chew different taste in the mouth at the same time anyway very accurate.

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What such practice should notice is, all sorts of raw material must beforehand bubble, and the time that wants bubble to grow quite, it is easy that bubble opened ability to be able to be compared ripe, otherwise is basic ripe not (use high-pressured boiler need not bubble)

Can replace pill of hill doing a bosom with fresh iron rod additionally, in that way very good ripe, and fresh iron rod yam is boiled come out very delicious, of course the friend that home town has Gorgon fruit also can do congee with fresh Gorgon fruit, of glutinous of sweet sweet glutinous, very delicious. If cut the dry pill that conceive hill into yam bits with the knife, break Gorgon fruit, the seed of Job’s tears with rolling pole make friends respectively, next bubble 20 minutes, boil the congee that come out the meeting is very delicious, and save fire quite.

Encyclopedia of practice of rice water of yam Ci Shiyi

2, the most authentic practice—The ” that boil is burnt “

With Huai Shan pink of powder, the seed of Job’s tears and Gorgon fruit pink mix boil, the merit is very much.

The first: Can add pink according to his need quantity.

The 2nd: This kind of congee enrages blood to filling best the fastest, “Do not need our extra pay, and can furnish directly however the fine medicine cate that we enrage blood ” those who say is this.

The 3rd: ? Kang Mucheng of persimmon of ∈ of dust  H uncovers act of Mei of shrimp of  of  of Quan of ㄈ of Xiong trade abundant ┓ mansion ⑥ cuts fade of the frog that chase after a surname into parts to pound haying an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast rare  swims Huang Qianglu of filter  ú  of Shan of Qiao of ┑ of  of strong  of emperor of   arm stands tall and upright Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Or so minutes OK, the congee of Gorgon fruit of yam the seed of Job’s tears with delicate nutrition has been done.

Encyclopedia of practice of rice water of yam Ci Shiyi

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3, the most convenient and simple way

Crank is broken out suddenly when I think the earliest when to doing, be to grind soya-bean milk so, discovery still has so much friend and me actually later same, this kind of practice also should shift to an earlier date commonly bubble raw material, general before today in the evening bubble, eat in the morning, if for delicious, the water that I suggest bubble expects was not used, (a lot of friend has different point of view, I withhold an opinion) , and raw material scarcely can be too much, can paper boiler otherwise.

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