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When be pregnant a lot of females can appear a few keck, appetite is bad to wait a moment symptom, but because there still is a little baby to must force his to have something again so in abdomen,give darling compensatory nutrition, can choosing a bit more delicate Shang Huo at that time is dish is tasted metropolis a little the symptom that improves pregnant woman, return can compensatory nutrition.

What delicate Shang Kuo adds up to pregnant woman to drink?

Corn chop soup, Chop is abluent scald water, put stockpot boil, put corn, small fire stews 90 minutes – 2 hours can.

Soup of pig foot soya bean, Pig foot is stewed with high-pressured boiler sodden, also can discharge directly meal BaoLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Bao soup (1 hour or so) , put soya bean again (soya bean needs to immerse first overnight, again Bao is controlled 1 hour can.

Soup of bean curd of crucian carp fish, Open two boiler at the same time, boil boiling water readily, fish of crucian carp of a decoct, simmer in water of piscine two sides Huang Fang enters boiler of another boiling water (this one step is very important, otherwise stews the Shangbubai that come out) , small fire stews 1-2 hour slow, the water that need boiling water is whiten join a beans1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Corrupt has pot 20 minutes can, also can add a few medlar again.

Soup of red jujube lotus seed, Boiling water puts red jujube, small fire stews half hours, put lotus seed rock candy to stew half hours again can, also butA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Join tremella.

Soup of spinach pork liver, Spinach is fried a little make 2 minutes, boil water, put Jiang Pian, spinach, the boil that need water puts pork liver 1-2 minute can. Need to notice, the clear water after pork liver section immerses a few times more, every time 20-30 minute, so that be clear about hematic water.

Essence of pregnant woman salt, oily, chicken needs to be fed less, when flavorring so, take into consideration the circumstances reduces an amount.

Suit the clear mussel that pregnant woman has

Eight treasures dish


Xianggu mushroom 20 grams, chinese cabbage, on the west orchid, cauliflower, bamboo shoot each 50 grams, lean lean of shelled fresh shrimps, pig, ham each 30 grams.

What delicate Shang Kuo adds up to pregnant woman to drink?


Starch of vegetable oil, salt, water, rice wine, candy each are right amount.


Section of lean lean of 1. general pig, ham, Chinese cabbage, bamboo shoot, xianggu mushroom bubble is soft, cauliflower stripping and slicing, shelled fresh shrimps is cut by back analyse abluent reserve.

After water falling to be burned inside 2. boiler, join Chinese cabbage to iron 1 minute, orchid, cauliflower irons 2 minutes to be scooped on the west.

3. removes boiler additionally to burn heat into oil, fry cutlet of shelled fresh shrimps respectively first ripe scoop put salt, rice wine, candy and Xianggu mushroom, ham, Chinese cabbage, orchid, cauliflower is mixed on the westFall in love with the sea

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Bamboo shoot piece, fry about 2 minutes, add shrimp meat, reoccupy water starch ticks off Gorgon euryale to be able to have pot.

The secrete austral tomato


Tomato 2, garlic sprouts, sesame seed, green pepper each are right amount.

What delicate Shang Kuo adds up to pregnant woman to drink?


Vegetable oil, chopped green onion, salt each are right amount.


1. tomato is abluent, bake with oven soft, flay, make it ketchup.

2. sesame seed fries sweet; into boiler oil of right amount vegetable is added in boiler, explode sweet chopped green onion, issue mincing green pepper and garlic sprouts to be fried slightly, join ketchup, salt at the same time stir-fry before stewing fries moment to be become namely.

Chestnut Chinese cabbage


Chinese cabbage 600 grams, chestnut 400 grams.


Salt, gourmet powder, pepper, amylaceous, grandma each are right amount.


Root of take out of 1. Chinese cabbage and old bine leaf, abluent hind give water, fish out uses cold water dip cool, again fish out squeezes clean moisture, with penknife get rid of; of clean muscle, skin arranges a knife to cut strip next.

2. chestnut is abluent, cut on upright, boil a little while with boiling water, fish out shucks skin, reoccupy ripe deepfry becomes golden lookLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, in basin of fish out park, add evaporate of the drawer on grandma and a few salt to rot.

Heart of 3. Chinese cabbage is placed in boiler, add taste of mix up of grandma, salt, pepper, gourmet powder, baked wheaten cake comes on soft sodden, reload dish, juice of boiler Central Plains ticks off Gorgon euryale with water starch, irrigate after evaporate of chestnut of the; on Chinese cabbage is sodden, decant goes former soup, on the Chinese cabbage that has burninging can.

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