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Liver cirrhosis, understanding from literal is liver hardened, undoubted, this is not a kind of good appearance. Liver cirrhosis is a kind of chronic illness, also brought about it to treat special difficulty thereby. The main reason that causes liver cirrhosis is oneself immunity force low, caused hepatitis, size 3 this world, turn into through aggravation liver is sclerotic, perhaps cause via tipple wine. The food that liver cirrhosis patient is below treats a principle.

Note of food of liver cirrhosis patient

Liver cirrhosis food treats a principle:

1, rational application is protein.

Liver is the complex place of albumen, synthesize albumin by liver everyday 14 grams of 11 ~ . When liver is sclerotic, liver cannot synthesize protein well. Absorb with respect to what need reasonable arrangement protein at this moment, prevent the happening of disease of liver sex brain. Can choose by the protein food of a variety of origin. To make a patient can better the ground suits, can go to cheese mix into in right amount chicken, fish, lean lean, egg, should have reasonable and right amount egg white everyday prandial.

2, supply is right amount adipose.

After some patients suffer from liver cirrhosis, fear to eat adipose, adipose and unfavorable limitation is too actually severe. Because pancreatic function is not complete when liver cirrhosis, bile is secreted decrease, the reason such as lymphatic or liver door hyperaemia, the liver cirrhosis patient that has close half the number appears adipose dysentery, right adipose absorb undesirable. Should appear when afore-mentioned symptoms, should control adipose amount. But if the patient does not have afore-mentioned symptoms when, in can getting used to food adipose, to increase quantity of heat, adipose and not easy limitation is too severe. If be cirrhosis of biliary sex liver,use low adipose, low cholesterol prandial.

Note of food of liver cirrhosis patient

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3, the carbohydrate with ample supply.

Of carbohydrate can make amply the sufficient reservior liver glycogen inside body, prevent toxin to be damaged to liver cell, can take starch everyday kind food 450 grams of 350 grams ~ .

4, limitation is prandial medium water and natrium.

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, daily absorbed saline amount does not exceed 3 grams; Serious oedema what is appropriate to the occasion uses the food that do not have salt, sodium should be restricted control in 500 milligram. Abstinence contain sodium relativelyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Much food, do not use when evaporate steamed bread for example alkaline, can convert bright yeasty leaven dough, or take the bread that do not have salt. Sodium is contained in fine dried noodles more, unfavorable edible. Be fed less or do not feed pickles to bloat dish, notice cook method, wait for dish to fry ripe hind put dressing and salt again. Daily the quantity that drink water should be restricted in 1000 milliliter ~ 1500 milliliter.

Note of food of liver cirrhosis patient

5, eat the food that contains zinc, magnesium to abound more.

The patient of liver cirrhosis is general hematic zinc level is inferior, quantity of uric zinc eduction increases, embedded zinc quantity also reduces liver cell, when drink, hematic zinc quantity is met1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Continue to reduce, should forbidden drink, proper edible thin pork, beef, egg kind, the food with the more capacity containing zinc such as fish. To prevent the shortage of magnesian ion, wait for food like vegetable of much edible greenery, pea, dairy produce and corn.

6, compensatory vitamin C.

Vitamin C participates in hepatic metabolization directly, stimulative glycogen original shape is become. Increase concentration of C of the vitamin inside body, butA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Reach stimulative liver in order to protect liver cell resistance rejuvenesce. The content in the chroma of C of the vitamin in ascites and blood is equal, reason should complement when ascites many vitamin C. Should decorticate when draft fruit or extract juice drinkable.

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