(reporter Han Dai ) near future market discusses a bank ardently redemptive hit new fund, drop to the stock market should lose how old responsibility. Data and the analysis of the personage inside course of study make clear, both between without overmuch inevitable connection.

Alleged ” hit new fund ” , be not a kind of fixed fund category, however a kind ” dynamic ” fund concept, normally for, should be only inside proper time, dedicated at participating in explain buy new fair collect fund, can float call ” hit new fund ” .

In agile now configuration fund, very big one part attributes dozen of new fund, of the bank in holder appoint foreign capital gold is big head. This kind of fund configuration weak point is normally long period, the bond of low lever, stock option grail is blue chip, consume Bai Ma etc, configuration style slants defend model.

Founder negotiable securi上海夜网论坛

ties grinds the newspaper points out, new fund is hit in 376 in, mixed first quarter 2017 four quarters can compare a number 2016 322, can compare total dimensions shrink 15% , hit total dimensions of new fund estimation to fall from 400 billion yuan when the four seasons spent last year to this year 340 billion yuan of first quarter, shrink makes an appointment with 60 billion yuan.

Firm of Founder negotiable securities controls a group chief analyst Shang Yawen thinks, shrink reason depends on, since October 2016, new below the net explain purchase upper limit key is low, the scope that plays need of full upper limit is contractible, dimensions spreads out instead greatly small profit, so client is natural the power that systole plays new fund scope; Moreover, hit new fund bond to maintain a warehouse 7 into to 8 into, net value is answered remove an effect very big, because this is in net value regain 1 when controlling, client will be redemptive part or total fund.

Company of a fund deputy always express, dozen of new fund with lesser dimensions ” housing resource ” still compare rare be short of, when a certain capital square redemptive appoint after foreign capital gold, fund company finds new fund infuse very easily.

According to report of many fund trade public figure, the yield that makes new fund is apparently strong Yu Chun debt fund. Watch bond market generally, debt city is shown during first quarter drop posture, the net value of bond fund is behaved also not beautiful.

Shang Yawen is analysed to money new reporter, up to first quarter end, the scope that the mainstream plays new fund is average it is 500 million to 1 billion or 1 billion to the combination of 1.5 billion, the average of growth of fund net value of this kind of combination and median are about 1.4% to 1.5% , expenses the year before last year changes yield to be in 5.6% to 6% between, 9 become income come from rights and interests kind configure and hit new increase.

A public figure of department of big endowment canal expresses in conference of certificate business telephone, 2016 the general anticipation on the market yield is in year change 4.5%-5% between, commercial firm of a lot of cities is 5% above surely even. Its are in the minimum that gives orgnaization of subsidiary be commissioned set all right to ask is 4.5% , ask orgnaization of exterior be commissioned achieves 4.8%-5% . (detailed sees money new network ” appoint outside dilate is opposite for afterwards hard geometry of debt city power ” )

Big fund is redemptive create transaction of fund net value

Money new reporter passes Wind data discovery, increase rate of net value of answer power unit ranks the agile configuration before leaning fund, chart of its net value is before a few months are like smoothly more now ” one ” word, arrived March or rose sharply suddenly one of these day in April.

“It is normal that net value has wave motion all the time, jump suddenly the possibility that raise has a problem. ” Shang Yawen expresses, as a result of,the fund that performance of this kind of net value relates before is likely redemptive caused net value to fluctuate considerably.

Negotiable securities of Shen Mohong source considers to point out to what investor releases, the bank in caliber of the orgnaization that be not silver appoint outside cast rights and interests kind dimensions achieves 4400-6600 100 million yuan, at present stock appoint outside redemptive scope is little, occupy do not exceed 10% than upper limit, via calculating may redemptive capital dimensions to be in probably 227-660 is controlled 100 million yuan.

This research thinks, appoint outside redemptive be based on more superintend reach liquidity demand, redemptive fund is mostly do not accord with superintendency requirement appoint foreign capital gold.

Shang Yawen explains to money new reporter, redemptive recently more is to held water in August-September 2016 the fund of the portion, debt calamity was caught up with after its build a warehouse, stock bottom storehouse also is behaved bad, returned March this year when the net value of these fund 1 when controlling, the bank considers redemptive one part.

These a few hit new fund A to carry redemptive cost to put in fund net assets ‘s charge, odd-numbered days net value is cruel add 10% to 100% differ. Market analysis, because they hold water to be cl爱上海龙凤419桑拿

ose to date, redemptive date relatively, the likelihood is same home client centralized operation.

Before this, travel having industry public figure of endowment canal department tells money new reporter, near future of its place travel is redemptive hit new fund in great quantities. Still the personage inside course of study says, bank of a share-holding system is in the near future many and redemptive appoint outside hit new fund.

Shang Yawen still speaks of, go greatly normally appoint outside dozen there are oneself only in new fund carapace, a lot of in small silver-colored guild is adopted ” spell sheet ” means is common one makes new fund case, because big redemptive meeting causes fund net value,fluctuate bigger, but do not eliminate a few in small bank also is in redemptive hit new fund, just behave not quite apparent.

Finite to stock market influence

After all is the bank redemptive is dozen of new fund how old to stock market influence?

Many personage inside course of study thinks, hit new fund to have the sign with contractible dimensions really, but not be dozen of new fund a huge sum absolutely storehouse of redemptive undersell bottom caused a debt to drop.

Shang Yawen thinks, if be normal redemptive motion, the bank is th阿拉爱上海同城

e asset with undersell better liquidity likely most, throw ticket of deposit receipt of a person of same business, short-term financing for example. If the bank plans to continue to participate in,hit new, throw a share impossibly, otherwise market prise is inside short time accumulative total is insufficient, unless be all Qing Dynasty dish.

Fund company is narrated before deputy always express to money new reporter, near future stock market drops to basically suffer greatly do poineering work board influence, but hit new fund to won’t be configured normally do poineering work board wait for small bill, much favour grail is blue chip, consume Bai Ma. Do poineering上海贵族宝贝论坛

work bo爱上海同城对对碰

ard drop and appoint outside redemptive concern is not big, one of reasons are appraise value bubble is being released; It is investor risk preference drops secondly; It is to superintend thirdly come on stage continuously go the file such as lever, bring about the market to anticipate produce a change.

Fund is narrated before deputy always express, financing area is tightened up also is expression of before two days of stock markets not the reason of beautiful. “The market can see approach of area of financing of near future whole, no matter be,counter-purchase interest rate of intere爱上海龙凤419桑拿

st rate, saving of a person of same business to carry in upgrade etc.

A fund manager expresses to money new reporter, understand according to him, level of each are big head office did not drive the overall arrangement that makes new fund energetically, although hit new increase can raise yield, but rate of be the lucky number assures hard; Hit new fund to still need negotiable securities account to be put in certain market prise, and have dozen match an upper limit newly, need a series of technology methods, ability avoids big market prise to exceed quota share to be wasted, assure to hit rate of new be the lucky number.

Fund manager is narrated to express before, appoint foreign capital gold enters those who enter the stock market to occupy directly than very low, bank conduct financial transactions invests ” rights and interests kind ” asset, exceeding an in part is a name solid debt, other in part with directional add the means such as impawn of hair, stock to have investment, also won’t cause stock market directly cast pressure.

He thinks, appoint outside redemptive the influence to stock market, the excessive outside basically be met from liquidity risk arrives whole banking system, produced an effect to market sentiment.

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