” ~ of ~ It’s A Wonderful Life of wisdom generation After ” (Tomoyo After ~It S A Wonderful Life~ ) , namely the close affection with Key well-known company urges lachrymal Galgame ” CLANNAD ” the add chapter of wisdom generation line, its English edition already landed the smooth project that Steam favors now, go polling before the player is OK will support this work.

What game tells about is friend also as touching as what happen between wisdom generation and the people all round to dark story. Modelling of wisdom generation character is mixed on heroine slope dub relatively ” CLANNAD ” game and TV edition animation, all have change, more show female softness; Nature of wisdom generation character also has not at ” CLANNAD ” medium doughty figure, in this making special the individual character after highlighting its and leading role association changes.

Reclaim in reject the ridge Qi friend that the station works also, began to live with the sweetness of wisdom generation on lover slope. What the article of little brother eagle of wisdom generation brought father is bastard female small wisdom, small wisdom be abandoned by maternal place, also can mix in friend only act against one’s will of wisdom generation attend next lives. Very fast summer vacation came, the cummer Henan that accipitral language goes child run away from home to also come to here. Then, friend also, wisdom generation, small wisdom, accipitral article, Henan child, 5 people begin to spend this is last summer vacation at first.

” ~ of ~ It’s A Wonderful Life of wisdom generation After ” predict will this year the summer is rolled out in Steam platform, giving an accident should be the version that deletes 18X content.

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