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In the process of the cooked wheaten food that make, leaven dough is a very important step, cooked wheaten food is good eat, leaven dough is having very big conclusive. Of course, want to be able to make the word of cooked wheaten food only, the methodological nature of leaven dough is to had mastered, but without certain skill, the cooked wheaten food that the range that delivers makes is better still. Somebody leaven dough when like yeast very much, so, yeasty how does leaven dough loosen again soft?

Yeasty how does leaven dough loosen again soft?

Need not add with yeasty leaven dough alkaline, the vitamin in can avoiding flour B1 is destroyed, because add,still can avoid at the same time alkaline and influence human body is mixed to the absorption of inorganic salt use.

Pure microzyme adds person dough inside, in 25 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ temperature falls, the saccharide in using dough and other a few material grow progenitive, what and use yeast come out from identity secrete is enzymatic decompose carbohydrate stage by stage. After a series of biochemistry react, generation gives many carbon dioxide gas and a few alcohol, make dough expands initiate, the steamed bread with ripe evaporate already loose soft is soft, have wine sweet smell again.

Because put person doughy yeast purity is taller, unlike ” leavening dough ” be mingled with has bacterium of a large number of lactobacillus, acetic acid, do not have soLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Microbial process yield acid, after dough is initiated won’t acidify, need not add consequently alkaline counteract. But if leaven dough time is too long, was infected with miscellaneous bacterium, still can make dough sour finally.

Yeasty how does leaven dough loosen again soft?

Carry out a proof, when leaven dough of the mother that use alcohol, at least 4 hours of less than are won’t acidify, do not exceed 30 ℃ in temperature especially when, to microzyme breed is advantageous, and grow to miscellaneous bacterium breed is adverse however. Because, lactobacillus grows progenitive optimum temperature is 37 ℃ , optimum temperature is acetic acid bacterium 35 ℃ . Accordingly, when the temperature when fermenting does not exceed 30 ℃ , dough is sour can be restricted, acidify time also can be pushedLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Make yeast restores vitality quickly, accelerate its to grow progenitive, have1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Benefit is generated at a large number of carbon dioxide, make dough expands poriferous, be full of flexibility. Must notice when leaven dough below when:

Yeasty how does leaven dough loosen again soft?

Add a few sugar with appropriate of yeasty leaven dough. Because, want to make microzyme produces effect adequately, provide enough nourishment for its with respect to need. When using yeasty leaven doughLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, can join a few sugar, regard yeast as the nutrition when activation. But add candy cannot excessive, exceed certain chroma, restrain microzyme to grow instead progenitive, go against dough to go up hair. Ordinary sugar and yeasty scale are 1Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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: 1, or sugar is lesser.

Yeast makes dosage wants appropriate. The 1.5% ~ that yeast makes dosage is flour weight 2%1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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When, its ferment force is optimal. Leaven dough of use active dry yeast is more convenient, efficient.

The dough that contains more oil cannot be made with yeasty hair. If grease is overmuch,be in in yeasty dough, grease is all round amylaceous grain form oily film, make starch decomposes candy very hard, yeasty breed is restricted, influence dough ferments speed.

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